Team of Stars 2016

Team of Stars 2016

The Team of Stars Award is given to recognize a member who consistently goes above and beyond in support of our organization. Nominees are reviewed and awarded by the president and immediate past president of NEADHVS

The Team of Stars Award is presented at the Spring Conference. Nomination forms and criteria will be sent to members in March, each year. Please take time to reflect on those who stand out for their service and commitment to NEADHVS and nominate them for this prestigious award.  

Questions regarding this award can be directed to:

Mary Brown, CAVS
Backus Hospital




Team of Stars Award Winners

Nancy Collins, New Hampshire
Heidi Wilcox, Massachusetts  

Jodi Cordes, Maine
Sue Hedrich, Maine

Irma Dadic , Connecticut
Nancy Reilly, Massachusetts
Nancy Collins, New Hampshire

2015                                                                             Darcy Peary CAVS, New Hampshire

Allyson Palma, Connecticut

Erin McCallon-Estremera, Connecticut
Susan Morgan, Massachusetts
Debhinn Watts, Massachusetts

Heather Ainslie, Connecticut
Kathy Berube, Maine

Eileen Pelletier , Connecticut
Lynda Bedri, Connecticut

Kendra Moitoso, Rhode Island
Joe Dooley, Massachusetts
Kelley Boothby, Connecticut
Sandy Marshall, New Hampshire
Martha Wildman, Maine

Sue Tremblay, New Hampshire
Jean Barrett, New Hampshire
Dave Hinchen, Massachusetts
Thomas Edward, Massachusetts
Mary Rahaim, Connecticut

Denise Roncarti, Rhode Island
Linda Gregoire, Massachusetts
Millie Stewart, Maine
Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Maine
Stephen Hurd, Maine